Treatment of Swollen Gums

There are many reasons due to which one can have swollen gums. To start with is the most common cause that is calculus deposits that happen over the period making the gums red in color and swollen along with occasional bleeding which is a sign to get it treated.


Smile Correction

Proper position of gums and adequate visible size of the tooth is necessary for one to have a beautiful smile. Due to reasons sometimes the aesthetic proportion of these components are disturbed thus correction of which provides you with a flawless and attractive smile.


Tooth Coloured Filling

In this new era of aesthetic no one would prefer to have an unaesthetic or unnatural looking teeth thus the remedy to this is getting your teeth restored (filled) with a much more natural looking as well as strong material that restores both the aesthetic as well as the function of the tooth.


Treatment of Broken Teeth

A very common problem in children as the knock their teeth while playing, thus at their young age its very important to preserve whatever natural component of their tooth is left in position because having artificial teeth at such young age is not adequate. It serves two purpose here by retaining natural component and gives time for child to grow up with natural teeth which can later be replaced by adult size teeth matching the facial profile.



It's the latest and very advance technique of replacing missing teeth with lots of advantage and very less or no ill effects. Implant makes it possible to replace missing teeth with fixed teeth without adversely effecting the other teeth present and provides a very long productive life to the prosthetic unit.


Teeth Cleaning

As it is always advised to brush twice but even after that some food particles remains stuck in difficult corners of our mouth which later o n can develop serious problems thus its recommended for everyone to get a SCALING done every six months. Also for those having tobacco habits it necessary to get their teeth cleaned to prevent permanent staining and buildup confidence.


Root Canal Treatment (RTC) in Just One Hour!!!

In common views it's a very painful and long procedure but now the time has changed with the advance equipments its possible to complete a 'ROOT CANAL' in hours now without any pain where it took days to complete and patient had to bear with lot of pain in the past. Now anyone can get a root can done in few hours at our well equipped centers.