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WE ARE PROVIDING FREE ONLINE CONSULTATIONS FOR DENTAL ISSUES... Maurya Dental Clinic & implant Center is the top Dental Clinic and Dr. Ritesh khosla is well famous Dentist in Gola Road Bailey Road , Danapur, Patna...

Maurya Dental Clinic & Implant Center

Online Consultation

We are all living in difficult times due to the Covid pandemic. Masking up, staying indoors and social distancing is very important to contain the spread of the virus.
However we, at Maurya Dental Clinic, recognize that even during these difficult times, we must do everything we can to help you with your oral problems. Therefore, we are now available for online consultation on "Therefore we are now available for online consultation." Contact us for a your dental worries - help is a phone call away.
Stay safe.

Welcome To Our Dental Clinic

Launched in 2014, Maurya Dental Clinic is an endeavor to provide the best oral health care in the city. What sets us apart from the many dental clinics in the city is our dedication to cater to the dental needs of all strata of society, rich or poor. It is our dream to give beautiful smiles to our patients and it is our conscious effort to put their health before anything else.

Regularly held dental health camps, free checkups and discounted treatments for children only go to show that we try to leave no stone unturned to make such facilities available to all at reasonable prices. Maurya Dental Clinic should therefore be your one and only choice.

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